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Assalammualaikum reader!!
Miss me? *perasan ada orang rindu*

By the way see post hari ni? "TROUBLE!" bukan troublemaker okay. Sejujurnya next week dah nak final exam. "WHAT?! Final Exam! Oh my gosh! i'm not ready for it" seriously tak ready lagi, that's mean habis final exam nanti need start focus for SPM2014. It really drive me crazy you know~~

Macam mana pun this week and before exam next week i need start to study and study and study. Dah lah nak kena cover balik chapter yang tak faham tu! banyak kottt! semuanya 10 subject! tambah pulak final exam ni aishah nak bagi pass all subject terutamanya subject yang aishah tak pernah nak lulus. "TROUBLE! TROUBLE!"

Seriously aishah perlukan kata kata semangat terutamanya dari orang yang aishah sayang family, friends, my love and teacher . 

Okay that's all for now, i'm hungry already . Need some foods to eat! bye bye Assalammualaikum!

-Aini Aishah XOXO-